Jumat, 18 Maret 2011



Dear my blog

Hari ini ku rasa segalanya tercampur aduk mirip Gado-gado ada sayur kacang dkk(jadi lapar T.T). di pagiku yang cerah ku terlambat ke sekolah tapi I will arrive on time u know!! Aku datang sebelum guru datang So that I don’t late for go to class. Huhh… today is the busy day wether I get all the felling as my sister who angry because the door of musque can’t be opened by us. Huh so boring but I get something information who is good isn’t it? Yes the senior of HI give belief for us to follow the “pengobatan HI” yes I must prepare my energy for it.^^.

And I have hmmm funy felling cz I’m so tired for accompany my young brother he is tama.ya, Muhammad sidik bintang pratama,funy baby and smart baby. But hahay…u see tired cz must run must hold him hoo… but I;m enjoy it. U see, I write this with play hmm.. I don’t know the title but it’s by AKB48 hehe.. I dun know why I like this slow song..

And in the night after someone who phone me,ya, he is suck boy,very suckmuch.i hate him.whit his KRITIKAN . he can’t fell kimochi no other. I hate him very much.

Suckmuch boys, if I meet him,I want to give some beats to him.until he know what he says to me.

But know I make dun know also…cz it can my day be suck too.

But today is happy day I enjoy it^^

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