Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

18 maret 2011,jum’at

Dear my blog

Today,not the special of my day today. But I only hope it can began same as this day, yeah with the test of mental.i see it can make me so brave for my future^^ cayou..

Today I miss someone yeah my kareshi..hmm..feel lonely but I understand him. He works at far city. I dun know why I’m so love him. Can’t understand this feeling. But I enjoy it. Have u ever got this feeling? Same whit me?

Today, at 8 o’clock fm my kareshi will phone me, ouh right I will wait for it. We have lost for phone until week. I miss him so. Hmm….

My blog,arigatou kami-sama,who has give me the lucky for everything I had for this live.^^

Keep egao!!

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